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SecureCode by MasterCard explained
SecureCode by MasterCard is an extra level of security offered by your MasterCard issuing bank.

Why am I being prompted for a MasterCard SecureCode?
This is because The Floor Cushion have incorporated the secure code technology into our website payment systems. The page presented is actually from your MasterCard issuing bank, NOT The Floor Cushion. At present you do not have to complete this information because SecureCode is optional, however we understand that MasterCard intend to make this extra layer of security mandatory in the future.

What is MasterCard® SecureCode?
MasterCard SecureCode is a new service that enhances your existing MasterCard card. A private code gives added protection against unauthorised use of your card when you shop at participating online merchants.

How does MasterCard SecureCode work?
Once you've registered and created your own private SecureCode, you will be automatically prompted by your card issuer to type in your SecureCode each time you make a purchase at participating online stores/retailers. Then your SecureCode will be quickly confirmed by your card issuer to complete your purchase. Your SecureCode will never be shared with the store/retailer and using it is as easy as entering your PIN at an ATM.

How does MasterCard SecureCode protect me?
Correctly entering your SecureCode during a purchase at a participating online store/retailer, confirms that you are the authorised cardholder.If an incorrect SecureCode is entered, the purchase will not be completed. Even if someone knows your credit or debit card number, the purchase cannot be completed without your SecureCode at a participating store/retailer.

What are the system requirements for MasterCard SecureCode?
MasterCard SecureCode works with most browsers. Please be aware that software which prevents pop-up windows may interfere with your use of SecureCode.

For full details of the scheme you can visit MasterCard's website by clicking here.